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Where can I find good senior citizen activities that offer exercise programs?

Activities for Senior Citizens

The YWCA is the logical place to check for Senior Exercise Programs and other senior citizen activities. Did you know that most local hospitals also have great activities for senior citizens? There are professionals on duty to supervise the types of exercises you need and can tolerate. Call your hospital for more information. Also ask your doctor for recommendations or referals to senior activities, your insurance just MIGHT cover the cost. Worth checking into.

How do active seniors keep themselves feeling good?

Active Seniors

You find active seniors in the most interesting places. Seen on a Harley 'senior' rider's shirt today - August 28, 2001 "Seen It All, Done It All, Can't Remember Most of It!" THANKS, Ted!

How should active seniors handle walking exercise in the summer heat?

Senior care and preventing skin cancer

If, like me, you sunburn easily in summertime, it is best to wear light-weight, long-sleeved cotton blouse or shirt when doing extensive walking or other senior activities in the summer. Still, we should use a sunscreen. Protecting ourselves from the UV rays is important.

What should I wear for senior activity walking or exercising?

Senior health care: exercise

While walking for exercise, be sure to wear warm clothing, as in heavy sweats, in cool weather; light-weight knits in warmer weather. If you begin to feel too cold (or too hot), turn around and go home immediately. Loose, light-weight knits are also good for supervised senior citizen activities. For the sake of your legs and feet, be sure to wear comfortable fitting, rubber-soled shoes.

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