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What can I do for myself to relax?

You've earned time

Saving money to buy something for the kids? How about going shopping for yourself! You've been needing a new dress, or slacks, or shoes...or whatever. Maybe you won't even buy anything, but how relaxing it would be to go shopping just for yourself. No time limits, no crowds, no rushing about. Walking through the cool mall and looking can be very relaxing, if you just take your time. Go and enjoy yourself...and no guilt feelings!

How can I keep my ´cold´ groceries safe when sacking?

Seperate cold and dry groceries

This is a safety precaution, especially in warm/hot weather. When at the grocery check-out counter, have your 'cold' groceries bagged in plastic then in paper bag (separate from 'dry' groceries). Items will remain colder...longer. Then take these into house first to store in fridge.

How can I save time, money, wear on my shopping trips?

Getting the best for your money

Always check the Sunday paper for good sales. Most papers carry many advertising pamphlets of various stores. Some papers also carry store announcements on Wednesdays (especially grocers). Check them for items you are needing/wanting to buy; don't stop with one, check ALL stores pamphlets. You will be sure you are getting the most savings for your money, especially on appliances or electrical products. Think ahead for your needs, then wait for the sales. Then compare them to same product on the internet. Do a search for store/product/brand name.

Are there specialty places where I can buy unusual foods?

Buying Spices

I hope you have Middle East (M-E), Indian (I), or Asian (A) grocery stores fairly close to you. Here, you can buy your spices, rice, exotic vegetables and canned goods at such a savings; many at half the price you'd pay at regular grocers. You'll find those special items, here, that you can't find elsewhere. Most Asian markets also have a bakery, where I buy 12" fresh baked French breads 5/$1.00(U.S.). I make at least one trip a month to one of these stores to purchase breads, pork tenderloin, canned coconut milk and canned straw mushrooms for Asian soups (Tom Kha Gai), curry powder, pita bread, whole cardamon, paprika, rice, and fresh lamb cuts (M-E or I) at a really good buy. Check these stores not only for good prices, but broadening your knowledge of various spices and foods.

Is it time-saving to bag my own groceries?

Sack 'em up

If feasible (when grocery shopping), bag your own groceries so you can group items the way you store them in your kitchen. Saves time and effort.

Do I really need a ´day out´?

Remembering the working people

I do all my shopping at a time when the working person is at work. Their time is limited, and I remember how it was to be in a hurry! As a retiree, I have no limits to my time (usually :o), so I plan all my shopping trips before 5 p.m., and very seldom on Saturdays. Doesn't hurt a bit to be considerate.

How can I save time, money, wear on my shopping trips?

Frugal shopping trips

Planning your various shopping trips will save you wear, tear, money (gas), and time. Combine two or three short trips in one. I keep a list of things I buy at different stores: a trip to the bank is followed by a trip to the discount store followed by a trip to grocery store...all within 2-3 mile-radius of my home. Three or four days later I head in a different direction for a gift shop, pet store (I have 7 cats!), and craft-or-book store. At the most, I make only 2 shopping trips a week, sometimes only once every two weeks. Planning ahead enables this hidden savings!

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