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How can I get my grandchildren to write to me?

Getting grandchildren to write to you

Wouldn't it be a pleasant surprise to get mail from your grandchildren! Well, if they are in their 'teenage years' and are so busy with friends (surely you haven't forgotten when you were a teenager!), they just can't find the time. Send them a box of 'note cards' with postage stamps on envelopes (and your name/address on envelope, if you want). This will encourage them to write you more ofter...remember to tell them how much it means to you to receive these notes! And I'd bet they enjoy receiving mail from YOU, too!!

How can I keep good contact with friend/former co-workers?

Make that phone-call

How long has it been since you phoned your friends? How wonderful it is to hear their voice, and for them to hear yours! Takes just a minute to dial that number; you could even set up one day a week - or every other week - or once a month - to make your calls. Betcha feel good after your talk. If calling long-distance, you might want to set a timer by the phone to avoid an expensive phone bill :o)

How can I avoid HIGH seasonal utility bills?

Easing the burden of Utility Bills

Gas bills too high in wintertime? Electric bills too high in summertime? Most utility companies offer a plan where you can 'average-out' the cost of your utility usage. They will 'total' your bills for one year, divide by the 12 months to get your average cost. Often easier to pay $100/month, than to have that summer electric bill at $350. hit you. Same with gas bill in winter. Call your utility companies for information.

How can I find out about the cost of my Utilities?

Checking on your utility bills

If you have any doubts about the cost of your utilities (bills), call those companys. Telephone numbers are on the bill (front/back). With rising cost of utilities (gas/electric), I want to know WHY! They can also give you advice on how to lower your usage; some companies will come to your home for a thorough check for you. BUT..remember..if you HAVEN'T called them, and someone comes to your door saying they will check for you, don't let them in before calling the company to see if they are sending someone around to homes. Always ask for identification from the person at your door, they could mean to do you harm. If you live alone, call a neighbor to be with you during this time.

Why don´t my friends write to me?

Using Note Cards

If it is a chore for you to write long letters, I recommend you buy some 'note cards'. You can find so many beautiful or funny ones. It really is much easier to stay in contact with friends using these; just a quick note to let them know you are thinking of them and maybe inviting them to come for a visit! Do you enjoy receiving mail from friends?...then write TO them on these lovely note cards!

How can I lower my long distance calls to fam. a short distance away?

Telephone Extended Call Service

If you live in a large metropolitan area, and most of your family lives in outlying areas, check with your telephone service to see if they provide the extended area service. My father, niece and sister live 30 miles away, and calls would normally be long distance. With the extended service ($26/mo) I can keep in touch with my dad on a daily basis, niece and sister 3-4 times a week at no extra cost. Cheaper than long distance. Check with your telephone company for availability in your area.

What can I do if my purse/wallet is stolen or lost?

Help! Stolen Purse/Wallet

Just what should we do if our purse/wallet is stollen...OR..lost? I received a very informative e-mail I want to here to read more.

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