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How do I find a doctor who accepts Medicare?

Finding a doctor who takes Medicare

Having a hard time locating a doctor who participates in Medicare? Medicare maintains a participating physician directory on its site. The info includes gender, education, certification, and hospital privileges.

How will all these prescription coverage proposals affect me?

What is going on with prescription coverage?

Confused about how the Medicare prescription coverage proposals will affect you? The Kaiser Family Foundation has a calculator you can use to explore that question.

What happens if I take early Social Security?

What happens if I take Social Security at 62?

Are you tempted to start collecting your Social Security at the first possible moment? The earliest is when you are 62 plus one month. But your check will be reduced compared to what it would be if you wait until your full retirement age. Although you need to check with your Social Security office for specifics, generally, you forfeit about 20 percent at age 62; 13-14 percent if you wait until age 63; and about 6-7 percent at 64
Source: AARP

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