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What´s a suggestion for relaxation?

Save on books - # 2

If you have a public library in your area, don't overlook their services. Get a library card and take advantage of all the great books they have there. Spend a quiet afternoon just browsing. Many are now offering more than just books: magazines, video tapes, computer use, and even 'art' to hang on your walls. My urologist changes pictures on his office walls monthly; all from the public library!

Why do I feel eye-strain when reading?

Mystery - list #1

Even if you've never read a mystery book before, I think you would enjoy these:

ANY of MARGARET TRUMAN'S "Murder" series - -
I started with her novel "Murder at the National Cathedral" and have bought every one she has written. No gore, here, but excellent writing and suspense. Usually around 250 pages, so easy reading.

ANY of DICK FRANCIS' books. His books are set against a racing background, and he knows his topic! He'll take you on many travels with his books, and always interesting intrigue and murders to solve. Again, easy reading, approx. 300 pages in his books.

ANY of DEAN R. KOONTZ' books. Plenty of intrigue in these, and very thought provoking; I found myself checking back to previous chapters for realizations...then I learned to 'absorb' every word written. First book I read of his was "Lightning"..and I was hooked. I'd suggest starting with this book, then read "Watchers", "Strangers", "Whispers", and graduate to his 'thicker' books.

More suggested 'Mystery' reading in List #2 to come

What can I do with books I no longer need?

'Recycling' books

Earn extra money selling your used books at It`s easy to list the books, lets you know when a sale is made so you can ship the book to the buyer. will deposit your earnings right into your checking account.

Thanks to Joanne Fritz for this!

Why can´t I see as good as I used to?

Read by good Light

Ever wonder why your eyes tire out after reading a while? It could be due to poor lighting. If you read in an easy chair or in bed, be sure you have a lamp just over your shoulder with a strong enough bulb to read by. I prefer a three-way bulb, that I can turn on low to watch TV, but turn on high to read by. Remember: poor lighting when reading makes for poor eyesight and eyestrain.

I can´t read small print, should I give up reading books?

Large-print books

For those book-lovers who have problems with regular size print, remember to look and ask for large-print books. Many great books are now printed in larger font size. Don't forego enjoyable reading because of poor sight. How nice it would be to give these books to family and friends with sight problems.

What are more good mystery/suspense books to read?

Mystery - List #2

Continuing with recommended Mystery Book List:

ANY of Patricia Cornwell's 'Kay Scarpetta' series; these are her best. The Last Precinct, or Point Of Origin, or From Potter's Field or...check inside book jacket for any 'Kay Scarpetta' novel.

Sue Grafton's 'alphabet' series: A is for Alibi, B is for Burglar up through Q is for Quarry (her latest). All these are interesting, quick reading. If you haven't read any, you've got some catching up to do :o)

ANY of James Patterson's novels; well written and also interesting, quick reads. Kiss The Girls and Along Came A Spider were made into movies; First To Die made for TV movie.

Why can´t I see as good as I used to?

Checking your vision

If it's been a year since you've seen an optometrist, that's too long. Many headaches are caused by eye-strain, and your vision needs to be checked. An optometrist will also be able to discern the growth of cataracts on your eyes, and advise you what steps need to be taken for better vision. You'll enjoy reading all the more. Make your eye check-ups a yearly (at the longest) event.
Be sure to check my tips on "Healthcare/Eyecare" for more information.

What are more books that are good, fast-reading?

Mystery List #3

For more enjoyable, light and fast reading, let me introduce you to two more authors and their books you will enjoy -
LILIAN JACKSON BRAUN: The Cat Who...(series)
-...Saw Red, ...Knew Shakespeare, ...Ate A Danish Modern,..Went Underground (plus 15 more!)
RITA MAE BROWN: The Tail Of The Tip-Off, Catch As Cat Can, Murder On The Prowl, Cat On The Scent.
Yes, pets (cats) are involved :o)

When buying books, which is best...hardcover or paperback?

Hardcover vs. Paperback

Buying our books in hardcover or paperback is a personal choice, depending on our goal. If we want to read and build a permanant library to pass down to generations to come, we'd probably want hardcover. If we want to just read books and pass them on to others, paperback is best.
Paperback would also be a choice to take with you when traveling (to read on plane/train/bus, or read at nights to induce sleep) as they are more lightweight and take up less room.

Where can I buy books at a savings?

Save on books - #1

I used to belong to two 'mail' book clubs. Not only were they expensive, but I had to wait for them to be shipped. Look for 'Half Price Books' stores in your area to enjoy good savings. Also at Sams Club or Costco, you can get most all the current books at really good savings. Don't forget to take advantage of the 'net' bookstores available to you right in the convenience of your home; many offer good prices and next day mailings.

Where can I sell/buy used paperback books?

Paperback book selling

TheBookCart is an ideal site for passing on our used paperback books to another reader...and buying more at good prices. Enter the books into site database, get a buyer, ship, and then receive postage cost + about 30 cents for the sale. A good idea!

How can I share my wonderful books with others?

Wonders of sharing

I've just discovered a wonderful site on the web: This site suggests we share our books, for free, with others. Go to site, join, print out labels, and free your wonderful books! Don't forget to list your books there on site; these people need a 'standing ovation'!

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