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How can I start my mornings off with inspiration?

Watch/Listen to birds

You can't have too many bird-feeders! Getting birds to come play and sing in the back yard, patio or balcony is such a wonderful morning greeting. Place feeders where they can be seen from your kitchen window (or any window), then relax with a cup of hot tea/coffee and watch/listen to them. Starts the morning off with inspiration!

What can I do for myself to relax?

Take a rest

Even after retiring, Seniors seem to stay busy doing for others. Take one day every so often just for yourself, whether going to your favorite restaurant for lunch, then going to that current movie you've been wanting to see, or relaxing at home with a great book you want to finish and going out for dinner. You deserve this relaxing time for yourself! Set aside a few days each month just for yourself and relax!

Can you help me get started with my ´writing´?

Get started

Don't let writing your own stories, poetry, etc. intimidate you; it takes just an idea and a few sentences to get started..read this article Writing For Fun and Posterity to help you on your way!

How can I get more relief in summer heat?

A 'different' Iced Tea

A great 'pick-me-up' is a glass of iced tea. Not just any iced-tea, 'tho; we're spicing it up. Make 2 quarts of your regular iced tea, then add about 3 tablespoon of any fruity Kool Aid powder (I'm buying 5/$1.00 right now). Mix thoroughly, pour over ice in your glass and relax! My favorites are lemonade, strawberry or mmmmm peach (if you can find the latter). Go ahead, have TWO glasses!!

How can I let my family and friends know ´who I am´?

*Write - Introduction

What better 'legacy' can we leave our family than to write down our thoughts, remembrances, family history, loves, joys...from our past and present. Whether it be in poetry, short stories, or journals, we have much to give of ourselves. Set aside one hour a day, or one day a week and start WRITING!

Where can I find some tips about beauty care for seniors?

How You Like Affects How You Feel

I was reminded recently that I need to take care of my appearance in order to feel good. Depressed by my dry hair and unkempt style, I tried a new hair salon where I got a hot oil treatment, a new easy cut, and a bunch of hair products that are already making a difference.

A good website for women over 50 is Jo Peddicure's Beauty Beyond 50. Jo has written books, has a syndicated column, and keeps on top of fashion and beauty for a market many have forgotten. Get her tips here...


Need an ego-boost?

Do for yourself

You're a Senior, and time to think of yourself. Men - need a new hair style or a little 'color'?...DO IT! Women - yes, you too, or maybe a new permanant, hair style or color? DO IT! Find a good salon for a facial; or a back/body massage. Check with spas in your area and search for the best prices. These are little ego-boosters we all need to feel better. Women, remember department stores with large cosmetic counters most often give full makeup make-overs free of charge (if they think you are interested in purchasing their cosmetics :o).

What kind of party can I give?

Ideas for Mortgage Burning Party

If you or a friend or family member have just paid off a mortgage (on home, second home, motor home, etc) it's time to have a party. Print up phony mortgages, enough for each guest to burn - in a VERY SAFE place - later in the party. If you have time, take pictures of their homes (each guest) and present to them as table 'name place' or as 'name tags' to wear; have a cake made in shape of house; find any shiny house key to string on a ribbon as 'favor'; decorate with balloons, print street address of the honoree with marker pen. Serve dips & chips, or make it a buffet or sit-down meal...your choice! Then have FUN!

How can I relax and learn at the same time?


A relaxing 'time-for-self' would be subscribing to and reading enlightening newsletters...may I suggest http://www.senior-tips.com :o)...then remember to share this one with friends and family.

Do your feet hurt?

Invest in Good shoes

When your feet hurt, you seem to hurt all over. It's time to invest in a good pair of shoes for yourself. How about some Birkenstock Riviera Sandals (#7475 - men and women sizes) or a great pair of Dansko's Monika Sandal (#7625 for women) which can be found at Plow & Hearth: www.plowhearth.com. I have a friend who has had a pair of the Birkenstock sandal for 8 years and they still look like new.

How can I start my mornings off with inspiration?

Tea/Coffee and a book

For a great 'pick-me-up' in the mornings, start your day with not just a cup of hot tea/coffee, but with some good reading while you relax: a book of short stories, your Bible/Torah/Koran, or a book of favorite poetry. You'll never regret the time spent or the uplift you get.

What is the style of 5-word per line poetry?

Simple 5-word/line poetry

Poetry must always find a certain 'beat', usually by syllables. This form is not by syllables, but by words;
can be written in 2, 3, 4, or 5 line stanzas. Here is an example of 5-word per line poetry:
Forever..Thou Art My Love

What´s a suggestion for relaxation?

A relaxing idea

Comfort yourself often during the week with a really good book, maybe with a snack and warm cup of soothing Lipton's Gentle Orange tea. Don't forget to read by good lighting; this avoids all eye-strain!

What kind of party can I give?

Throw a party

Keep in mind, most Seniors enjoy any type of party. Think "Party", then tailor that for the Senior. Examples: Sweet 60+ Birthday Party - decorate as you would for anyone...balloons, streamers, favors, etc., and have a 'face-painter' available to decorate their faces. Remember, skin of the Senior is tender! What about a "Big Band" era party. Or a "Big Band Karaoke" party. If you can obtain an old record player with records from these big bands, that would add 'atmosphere' for you. Supply a microphone and song sheets for 'sing-a-longs'. Serve "Phil Harris Punch", they'll know - with a bit of alcohol if appropriate....or "Shirley Temple Punch" non-alcohol. An old-time mirrored 'ball' can be made by gluing small pieces of mirror to balloons (after blowing up). There are always 'seasonal' parties...."Garden (or Gardening) Party", "Burning the Mortgage Party", "Walking Your Way To Health Party", "Swimming Party", if you have the facility.

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