Throw a party

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What kind of party can I give?

Throw a party

Keep in mind, most Seniors enjoy any type of party. Think "Party", then tailor that for the Senior. Examples: Sweet 60+ Birthday Party - decorate as you would for anyone...balloons, streamers, favors, etc., and have a 'face-painter' available to decorate their faces. Remember, skin of the Senior is tender! What about a "Big Band" era party. Or a "Big Band Karaoke" party. If you can obtain an old record player with records from these big bands, that would add 'atmosphere' for you. Supply a microphone and song sheets for 'sing-a-longs'. Serve "Phil Harris Punch", they'll know - with a bit of alcohol if appropriate....or "Shirley Temple Punch" non-alcohol. An old-time mirrored 'ball' can be made by gluing small pieces of mirror to balloons (after blowing up). There are always 'seasonal' parties...."Garden (or Gardening) Party", "Burning the Mortgage Party", "Walking Your Way To Health Party", "Swimming Party", if you have the facility.



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