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What kind of pet should I/we get?

Making of a loving pet

If you show love to your pet, that love will be returned. If you are gentle with your pet, that genlteness will be returned. If you are overly 'rough' with your pet, expect the same back to you. What you do with/to your pet is a training lesson; so take your time and train them with love, gentleness, kindness, and'll reap the rewards!

How do you ship a pet?

Have Pet Will Travel

Did you know that there are pet shippers? Yes, there are people who specialize in making sure your pet gets where it's supposed to go. This is comforting for those of us with pets that may need to travel someday. Here are some websites to
check out:

What is the right food for my pet?

Canned or Dry?

Most all pet foods come in cans (moist) or bags/boxes (dry). If you give only canned/moist foods to your pet, they could develop tooth problems: plaque developing on, and early loss of their teeth. You can either brush their teeth daily, or add dry foods to their diet. I have 7 cats, and feed only the canned food at night; I keep enough dry food down for them all during the day. After seven years for six of the the cats, they (thus far) have not developed tartar plaque. My 'stray' I adopted a few months ago had a bad case of tartar build-up; I had his teeth cleaned and now keep him also on the dry-during-the-day, canned-in-the-evening regimen.

What is a suggestion to keep from being so lonely?

A place to look for pets

Don't be worried about getting a 'pure-bred' pet. They can be expensive and need more care. The best place I can suggest to find a variety of animals to chose from would be your local Humane Society. There are so many who need good homes and willing to be loving to you. These places will also have the pet's shots and spaying/neutering done for you and a health check done on the animal. You'll be saving an animal from euthanasia and allowing beauty and love to come into your life.

What is a convenient way to travel with my small pet?

Travelling with pet

When we travel by car with our pet, always be sure they are secured with a safety belt, and wearing their 'pet-harness'. Their safety is as important as ours.

What is a low-maintenance pet to choose?

Fill an acquarium

Feeling lonely or bored? Get an aquarium! They`re easy to maintain, don`t involve strenuous work, and can be truly entertaining for hours. Being able to be responsible for other living creatures, and to watch those creatures live and play, can really add interest to your life.

What kind of pet should I/we get?

Shots and spaying/neutering for your pet

You want a pet for it's loving ways, please offer the same for it. If your pet does not already have it's shots (a must to obtain a license), find a good Vet near your home and get these immune shots! And while there, discuss the probability of having your pet neutered or spayed. Animals are much healther after this procedure, and make a more content pet. Just what would you do with a litter of kittens or puppies? Would you want to see your male pet be the cause of more homeless animals? Shots and spaying/neutering are a MUST!

Is there lodging for me and my pet?

B & B's For Your Pet

Check out ! if you travel frequently with your dog or cat. This website provides extensive information about pet friendly lodging throughout the U.S.

What makes for ´healthy teeth´ for my pet?

Water, water, water!

You know how thirsty YOU can get at times, this also happens with your pet...and more often. It is important that you keep a bowl of FRESH water down for your pet at all times...both in the house and outside (if your pet is outside over ANY period of time). Cats and dogs can develop kidney problems easier that humans, so be SURE to check the water bowl (a stainless steel mixing bowl is great for indoors; plastic for outdoors.) during the day and first thing in the morning and before retiring.

Should I walk alone in my area?

The pet 'harness'

If we walk our pets often, a pet 'harness' is much safer and more comfortable to use. These are for cats or dogs, small or large. Get one for the walking companion.

What kind of pet should I/we get?

Young and older pets

You can select from the Humane Society either a young or older pet. Some people move out of state and leave their 3-4-5 year old pets here. Some people leave newborn pets, also, as they can't take care of them..(never having had the female spayed!). Just don't overlook the older pet; they usually have been 'house-broken' for you already! But the newborns my just be what you are looking for, too. Here, the choice is up to you. Kittens are easily trained to litter boxes, and puppies easily trained for their 'outside-business' walks. Just a little patience and caring on your part.

What should I look for in selecting a pet?

Pet selection

Before you purchase a pet be sure to check out the exercise, temperment, health concerns of the breed, and the possiblity of sometimes expensive up keep of certain breeds. Make sure you can handle all these before you bring that precious pet home. You will both be happier for it.

What kind of pet should I/we get?

The right pet for you

Chosing the *right* pet is very important. If you live in an apartment, don't select a large dog unless you are able to walk it extensively every day. Not fair to you or the pet to be 'cooped-up'. If living in your home, you really need a fenced-in yard, where your pet can play safely and keep out other animals. Small dogs or cats need less room or running areas. Above all, any pet needs love, not unlike humans, huh? Check your local Humane Societies for adorable, loving pets.

Should I look for an older or young pet?

Good pet food = happy, healthy pet.

Depending on the age of your pet, you should select the proper type of food. Puppy or kitten food is availible, as is older/Adult selection of foods. For an older pet, please consider the 'urinary tract' type of foods. Many foods have a high content of 'ash' and
"magnesium' causing damage to the urinary tract. This damage can result in a very sick pet and even death. Check with your Vet for a good, proper food. Remember: what you feed your pet in the beginning is what it will want. NEVER feed table scraps to a pet...well, a bite or two of Christmas turkey can't hurt, just DO NOT make it an every-day occurrance. NEVER feed chocolate to your pet (especially cats), it is *poison* to them!! REALLY!

What is a convenient way to travel with my small pet?

The Sherpa Bag

If traveling with our small pet, the Sherpa Bag is ideal. It's ventilated, will hold a small pet and toys or blanket. Check my 'links' for more information on this.

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