Good pet food = happy, healthy pet.

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Should I look for an older or young pet?

Good pet food = happy, healthy pet.

Depending on the age of your pet, you should select the proper type of food. Puppy or kitten food is availible, as is older/Adult selection of foods. For an older pet, please consider the 'urinary tract' type of foods. Many foods have a high content of 'ash' and
"magnesium' causing damage to the urinary tract. This damage can result in a very sick pet and even death. Check with your Vet for a good, proper food. Remember: what you feed your pet in the beginning is what it will want. NEVER feed table scraps to a pet...well, a bite or two of Christmas turkey can't hurt, just DO NOT make it an every-day occurrance. NEVER feed chocolate to your pet (especially cats), it is *poison* to them!! REALLY!



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