Canned or Dry?

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What is the right food for my pet?

Canned or Dry?

Most all pet foods come in cans (moist) or bags/boxes (dry). If you give only canned/moist foods to your pet, they could develop tooth problems: plaque developing on, and early loss of their teeth. You can either brush their teeth daily, or add dry foods to their diet. I have 7 cats, and feed only the canned food at night; I keep enough dry food down for them all during the day. After seven years for six of the the cats, they (thus far) have not developed tartar plaque. My 'stray' I adopted a few months ago had a bad case of tartar build-up; I had his teeth cleaned and now keep him also on the dry-during-the-day, canned-in-the-evening regimen.



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