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How can I make multiple-use door wreaths?

Door wreaths for many seasons

Simple door wreath made of straw can be made for multiple uses. One wreath with fall flowers and leaves; buy halloween theme picks and Thanksgiving picks from craft stores. Build your halloween wreath, then change picks for Thanksgiving theme. Alternate St Patricks Day wreath with Easter wreath by changing picks. Picks are the little dolls, eggs, corn, pumpkins, leprechauns, ghosts, witches, etc. on pointed sticks; bought during appropriate season. Store these with wreaths in plastic bag when not in use.

Is it possible to make my own greeting cards?

Make your own greeting cards

If you have software for 'greeting cards', how easy it is to make your own cards (birthday, get-well, Christmas, miss-you). You can write your own poetry-message inside; what nice 'personalized' cards these would make for family and friends!

How can I make my own bookmarks for gifts?

Make your own book-marks

Crafting made simple: Save - Save - Save...every Christmas card, birthday card, ANY card you receive and convert this to beautiful bookmarks! Cut picture into the correct size strip, then have these laminated for a sturdy bookmark! (Kinko's does this) For added effect, punch hole in top and add a yarn or ribbon 'tassel'.

How can I make my own bookmarks for gifts?

Pressed flower bookmarks

Another idea for bookmarks is to apply pressed flowers or small leaves to an appropriate-size piece of shirt board or heavy paper. Use a white glue watered down so you can "paint" it over the flower with a soft brush ... once dry it can be laminated. These can be really beautiful.

What is a good Halloween decoration to make?

EZ Li'l Halloween Ghosts

Easy to make li'l Halloween Ghosts...for each ghost you'll need:
2 Kleenix tissue, 1 small rubberband, black marker pen.
Roll one tissue into a ball(head), place in center of 2nd tissue, folding this tissue down around ball-head. Wrap rubberband to 'distinguish' the head, then make 'dot' eyes and nose, and a grinning or slanted mouth with black marker pen.
Use to decorate centerpieces, wreaths, 'string' top of head to hang...anywhere! Great to make with kids.

How can I make an inexpensive Easter wreath.

An easy-to-make Easter wreath

Start by cutting a large oval (16" x 10") from sturdy cardboard, then cut out center leaving a 2" wreath. Color with marking pen or crayon (your choice). Staple a looped ribbon to top back-side for 'hanger'. Open plastic eggs and glue halves, open-side down, to front of cardboard. Fill in spaces (glue on) with bits of artificial grass, small lily flowers (from craftstore), one or two bunny picks and a cross at the top. This is a great project to do with grandchildren or neighbor children...make an extra one for them to take home.

What is a good craft that I can make for the ´gardener´ in my family?

Gift for the gardener

An easy-to-make gift for the gardener in your life: take one outdoor mailbox, cut-out pictures of flowers/plants; spray-paint mailbox with any color 'rust-control' paint, add pictures while paint still wet, let dry then over spray pictures with a urethane sealant. Can be attached to fence or post for easy access by the gardener. (You might want to add gloves, trowel, etc. inside :o)

What can I do with my old, tin funnels?

Handy twine holder

Here's a fun and handy craft to make: find all the old, tin funnels you can; when painted with a bright design, these make an attractive and useful twine holder for the kitchen. Simply place funnel over the ball of twine with the end pulled out the spout!

What is a fun craft to make and give as a gift?

Bells, Bells, Bells

Here's an easy 'gift' to make for parties: sleigh bells tied with ribbons; make the ribbon long enough to slip over the head. One bell/one ribbon...for Christmas make with red and/or green ribbon. Quick and easy gifts for guests. OR tie bell with ribbon bow and add a safety pin to pin to lapel (men might like this better).

What can I do with an old clothes hamper?

Storage for overshoes and boots.

Don't toss out the old clothes hamper; it can make a good storage place for galoshes (overshoes) or boots for the front porch or entry hall. Paint to match your decor or with a whimsical design (like a skunk amidst flowers :o)...the hamper is ventilated!

Where can I buy supplies for crafting?

Where to buy craft supplies

If just beginning crafting, start with craft stores for supplies; you can also buy crafting idea books there too. Don't overbuy. Eventually you will learn what you need, and can buy items from garage sales, thrift stores, drug stores, and even florists. How about using old costume jewelry your grandchildren no longer play with for decorating vases, boxes, etc.

Where can I learn about craft making?

Crafts you may want to make

If just learning craft making, keep it simple. Something that you can give as a gift. Small grandchildren love 'sock' dolls, bean bags for hop-scotch (you can add chalk with the gift), sock hand-puppets with sewn mouth, nose, eyes. Don't give small children dolls with buttons that can be pulled off and swallowed.

How can I use sphagnum moss in crafting?

Sphagnum moss

This long-fiber moss can be used (dry) with silk flower arrangements and to fill a wire frame when creating an artificial topiary tree. Also good in making shadow box pictures.

Where can I learn about craft making?

How to learn craft making

Check with your city/church for any senior activities. Check, also, with your craft supply stores. These often have crafting classes at no cost for seniors. Good way to meet new friends.

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