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Why do they always want my advice, then don´t heed it?

Listen before you talk

Building and keeping a good relationship with our families is not always easy. We've raised our families, and now they have theirs. One thing I've learned is when our family comes to us for advice, they usually really don't want it! They are looking for comfort and a calm ear from us. Keeping up a good relationship is obtained by keeping out of 'their business'. Relationships are built on loving, even when we are not 'liking'. Setting our own boundries is important; not stepping over is vital! Listen and think before getting 'involved'.

What should be a priority in my life?

Our priorities

Our family members should be a priority in our lives; without them life would be days without sunshine. Maintaining good relationships is maintaining good communication. Remember to keep family as a priority in our lives.

How can I keep in contact with family members?

Keep addresses updated

How often have you wished you would hear from a dear cousin/nephew/niece? Have you lost their address, or have they lost yours? Write to other family members to get their addresses, and keep a good record of these.
Then write to them so they will have your address. If you receive Christmas cards or other mail from family, be sure to check their return address with your records and update if necessary. Much easier to stay in contact if you have a correct address, telephone number or e-mail address. I send out a Christmas letter with my cards noting address/tele. number/e-mail address on the letter.

Why don´t my friends write to me?

Remember birthdays

How nice it is to get birthday cards from family members. Do you reciprocate with the same kindness? Find out each family member's birthdate, and send them a card...timely! Or if you have their e-mail address, you could send them an e-card! Two of my favorite sites are and I know they would appreciate this thoughtfulness.

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