Mystery - list #1

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Why do I feel eye-strain when reading?

Mystery - list #1

Even if you've never read a mystery book before, I think you would enjoy these:

ANY of MARGARET TRUMAN'S "Murder" series - -
I started with her novel "Murder at the National Cathedral" and have bought every one she has written. No gore, here, but excellent writing and suspense. Usually around 250 pages, so easy reading.

ANY of DICK FRANCIS' books. His books are set against a racing background, and he knows his topic! He'll take you on many travels with his books, and always interesting intrigue and murders to solve. Again, easy reading, approx. 300 pages in his books.

ANY of DEAN R. KOONTZ' books. Plenty of intrigue in these, and very thought provoking; I found myself checking back to previous chapters for realizations...then I learned to 'absorb' every word written. First book I read of his was "Lightning"..and I was hooked. I'd suggest starting with this book, then read "Watchers", "Strangers", "Whispers", and graduate to his 'thicker' books.

More suggested 'Mystery' reading in List #2 to come



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