Exercise for independent living seniors

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What are the benefits of exercise for senior health?

Exercise for independent living seniors

Well, I found the flab on my upper arms this morning! I could tell I've been lax on some good and simple exercise. Do you have that, too? Let's get rid of it! Exercise is an important part of senior independent living. 1) Hold your arms out straight, even with your shoulders, fingers pointing out, palms down. Now start making circles with your arms, rotating towards the front (finger tips should make about an 8 in. diameter circle). Make 20 circles. Relax 2) Repeat the above, except this time the palms are up and you will rotate towards the back. Do the above exercising twice; 20 circles, palms down; 20 circles, palms up. After 5 days, increase the circle diameter to 12-14 in. for 5 days; then increase to 18 inches for 5 days. Repeat the whole process. Note: If you have shoulder pains when increasing the circle, rotate at a slower movement, and to your most comfortable circle diameter. Do not strain your shoulder joints unnecessarily.



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