Senior health care at home

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What are some tips for senior home care?

Senior health care at home

Home treatments are an important part of senior health care. Here's how to make your own therapeutic heat pack for just pennies: 1.) Cut a piece of old T-shirt about 16 by 10 inches. (Use double thickness for a thin tee.) 2.) Fold together. Sew up three and a-half sides using small machine stitches; turn right side out. 3.) Using a funnel, fill bag with rice or dried field corn. DO NOT USE POPPING CORN! 4.) Stitch remaining opening together by hand. 5.) Heat the pack in a microwave about a minute...adjust time to suit. The hotter the pack, the longer the heat lasts. (If you get it too hot, cover with a layer of sheet or other cloth, then remove as the pack cools.) 6.) Last, put it where it hurts...and in a few minutes you can say, "Aah! Now, that's much better!"



1/9/2007 2:37:52 PM
R Baker said:

My daughter has been using them for years, they are also very good as cold packs ( put them in the freezer) She keep one in the freezer and another by the microwave.
Her husband was a firefighter and when he came home after a winter fire she placed them on his feet to take away the extreme cold.


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