Senior care and cataracts

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I need to learn about senior health care and vision care.

Senior care and cataracts

Has your senior health care physician mentioned cataract surgery? Don't grimmace! Cataract surgery is such a simple procedure, now, and the alternative is not acceptable (going blind!). You just need a good eye surgeon, someone to drive you home, and follow doctor's orders to a TEE for proper 'after-care'; just a routine of drops in the eye (one eye surgery at a time), and followup visit to the doctor. I've had both eyes taken care of and am so glad I did. Don't put off having this procedure if it's needed. You won't feel any discomfort afterwards...they've done away with the need for stitches! You'll never regret having this procedure; with prescription lens implants you may avoid needing corrective glasses, at least not as strong as before surgery. And I would suggest starting the use of 'artificial tears' drops, with clearance from your surgeon. Be sure to read my 'after cateract surgery' may save you grief!



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