Walking for senior health

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What are some good senior health tips for foot care?

Walking for senior health

There are times of the year when our feet skin becomes rough and cracked. It's time for special care; here's how to solve this problem. First, soak your feet in a warm foot-bath (tub is fine); after soaking at least 10 minutes, scrub with a loofa to remove dead skin; rinse and dry your feet. Rub a good lotion thoroughly over your feet. Just before getting into bed, rub an excess amount of lotion on your feet, and put on a loose pair of white cotton socks. This is not only soothing to your feet, but will soften the skin and relieve the cracking. Repeat this every night, as often as needed. Caution should be taken when scrubbing with the loofa if you are a diabetic, and report excessive cracking (or sore) that does not heal to your senior health care physician.



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