Senior care and preventing skin cancer

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What is the best senior health care for preventing skin cancer?

Senior care and preventing skin cancer

Senior health care sonsultants warn us that Ninety percent of all skin cancers diagnosed every year are caused by over-exposure to the sun - thus the important need for sunscreens. Here is a smiple A-B-C-D for detecting skin cancer: A - Asymmetry: common moles are round and symmetrical. Most skin cancer moles have unusual shapes. B - Border: skin cancers may have uneven borders. C - Color: Watch for varied shades of brown, tan or black; also red, white or blue. D - Diameter: Watch for moles which grown larger than a pencil eraser - about 6mm or 1/4" in diameter. Any time you detect a change in a mole size, shape or color, or a sore that does not heal, or a skin growth which increases in size, or a spot that continues to itch, hurt and scab, make an appointment with your senior health care physician to have these checked. Most skin cancers are easily treated and cured with early detection.



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