Senior health insurance

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Where can I find affordable senior health dental care?

Senior health insurance

There are big savings in Texas on dentures and reduced-fee dental care. Contact: The Dental Society/Texas Dental Assoc., P. O. Box 3358, Austin TS 78764-3358, tele#(512) 443-3675. Living in another state? Try writing these people for information, or call any senior health dentist for information in your state.



11/11/2008 6:34:32 AM
Mark Lyne said:

Another thing that many people do not consider is that Individual Dental insurance is extremely affordable - sometimes less than $200 to $500 per year depending on how many people will be covered, what the type of plan is and what company it is through. I think a lot of folks just automatically assume that dental insurance is just as expensive as health insurance which can range anywhere from $100 per month to as high as $1,000 per month or more. Instead of living with the pain of unhealthy teeth, I think folks should call their agent to find out if dental insurance is affordable and can fit in their budget - I do offer dental insurance through my agency, and if you have any questions, you can get in touch with me through my site at


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