Senior health and allergies

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What are some senior health care implications of allergies?

Senior health and allergies

There are things in our normal lives that can be the cause of allergies. One thing for sure, we will have a reaction to those that don't agree with our systems. An allergic reaction occurs when a person's immune system mistakes something harmless as harmful! The mistaken substance is known as an allergen. Allergens enter our body by one of these: breathing dust, pollen, etc; injection of drug or venom; topical contact to the skin; swallowing food or drug. With allergens present, our immune systems release natural histamines (and histamine-like substances) known as allergy mediators. The resulting circumstances being inflammation, hives, itchy eyes, runny nose, swelling...and worse. Be sure to read other tips for more information, and talk to your senior health care consultant.



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