Maintaining Healthy Feet

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How do I keep my feet healthy?

Maintaining Healthy Feet

There are areas on our feet that develop hardened, thick skin that have come about by excessive pressure or friction over a predominant boney area. They are 'corns' when formed on top or sides of toes, and callouses when formed on the bottom of the foot.

Senior health care consultantas advise NEVER attempt to cut these off with a razor; one slip and you've got more problems! Also take care when using the many over-the-counter remedies, as these often contain acids to burn away the corn. Take extra care when using these products, but they can give near-immediate relief. Good advice would be to buy a larger shoe or one with 'foot-padding' for a more comfortable fit. Invest in a really good pair (or two) of comfortable shoes! If the corn or callous persists, it's time to see a podiatrist, especially if you are a diabetic.



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