Hygene for Better Senior Health

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What are the senior health effects of aging?

Hygene for Better Senior Health

Keeping the face skin clean is a very important part of preventative senior health care. The outer layer of skin (epidermis) is made up mostly of lifeless cells to protect the layers underneath and to preserve moisture. Washing the face morning and night not only removes dirt, excess oil (if any) and makeup, but also the dead cells. For Normal Skin, water and a mild neutral (transparent type) soap is fine. Oily skin requires a bit stronger soap or rinsable cleanser specifically for oily skin. Dry skin responds best to a rinsable cleanser, not soap. I've read that we should avoid heavy creams that must be wiped off. They not only remove dirt and dead cells, but can leave skin looking dull. Always use a cotton wash cloth, or cotton pads - a 'natural' material. Any use of a tissue (wood product) could produce large pores and damage the skin.



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