Senior Health Care: Exercise Your Face

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What are the benefits of exercise for senior health?

Senior Health Care: Exercise Your Face

Here's a senior health tip you won't see elsewhere. You know that if any muscle of your body is not active, it begins to lose quality; same thing happens to our facial and neck muscles. Facial and neck exercises are a must to maintain the muscle tone. Without this, the muscle fibers deteriorate and shrink, and the skin covering the muscle can age very rapidly. Funny (or maybe not), but as we age we chew gum less; this act of 'chewing' is a form of exercise for our face and neck muscles.

To exercise your face, exagerate a really wide grin, then begin an imaginative chewing of a wad of bubble-gum...feel the neck and lower jaw muscles working? Hah! You've begun your muscle toning!

Another: Exagertate that wide grin...I mean...REALLY exagerate it WIDE, stay in this position, simulate a 'pucker' and pull lips upward as if trying to 'kiss' your nose; now hold for a count of 10 then relax; repeat this step at least 10 times each day and you'll find yourself toning up that 'chicken-woddle' - the double-chin - in your neck while strengthening your neck and jaw muscles.

Note: you may find a bit of soreness the day after beginning this last exericse, but it will go away...what muscles DON'T get sore when they are used for a first time in a long time.



5/21/2007 9:33:36 AM
Jennie said:

So happy to find the exercise for the aging problem of the neck, etc. Thank you


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