Travel Tours and Senior Group Travel

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How can I make senior travel as safe and trouble-free as possible?

Travel Tours and Senior Group Travel

Depending on certain factors, there are dictates on how you want to travel. If wyou want to spend more time at your destination, certainly the airplane is the best mode of transportation for senior citizen travel. Plan ahead and get the best fare rates possible. If we want to travel mostly for the scenic aspect, the automobile would be the choice. If there is a group (more than 3 or 4) traveling together, don't overlook the motor-home; if you don't own one, look into rentals. Yes, you can rent these! If you want to leave the driving up to others, go with a tour bus. Wonderful tours are available, especially the 'fall leaves' tours to the New England area. There are even some tours to take by train...check on these, too. The best-laid-plans can go awry if you don't plan ahead, though. So make your choice for your liesure travel, and plan NOW!



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