Eat healthy for your heart

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How can I make inexpensive steaks taste great?

Eat healthy for your heart

I'm sharing information given to me by hospital nutritionist when I had my by-pass surgery:
LITTLE or No red meat
TRIM excess fat off meats
NO - hot dogs, bacon, sausage, bologna, lunch or processed meats
('tho she amended to say 'once a week OK')
NO deep fried foods
NO fast-food restaurant meals
FISH, SHELL-FISH - 5+ each week
CHEESE - 1 or 2 times a week
NOTHING added on toast or sandwiches (jellies, jams, mayo, etc), 'tho butter/margerine & salad dressing ok 1-2 times a week
SNACKS - fresh vegetables or fruit; nuts OK 1 time a week
BREAKFAST - whole grained cereal/toast
DESERT - fruits
BEANS/LENTILS - 3 times or more a week
MILK - Skim or 1% low fat (ugh!)
EGGS - well, what's the decision on this today? I was told 4 years ago 2 or less is good :o), now they're saying 4-5 week OK...

Note: these are basic guidelines, and you really need to consult with your doctor what is best for YOU! I had cut back on my red meats and now told to eat more :o) hmmmm...good reason for a steak, huh?



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