Watch for drainage holes

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What size containers should I buy for my C-Garden?

Watch for drainage holes

Most all plant containers will have drainage holes in the bottom. For 'regular' pots, you'll want to buy the saucer to set them in (if not attached). But, I've found some great 'buys' on containers that had no drainage hole. I make them: set an ice-pick on electric burner (or gas flame) on your stove, just long enough to heat it, then slowly puncture (pressure)from inside the container in the bottom (at least 3 - 4 punctures, depending on size of container). Before adding soil, place a shard (piece of broken clay pot or saucer) over the drainage - or even small rocks, this will keep the soil from draining out with the water. NOTE: my ice-pick has a wooden handle; be careful not to burn your hand when using the heated pick. ALWAYS have drainage in your containers to avoid root-rot and for healthier growth!



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