A quick Kool refreshing meal

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How can I avoid heating up the kitchen when cooking?

A quick Kool refreshing meal

This is for a senior light meal submitted by a newsletter subscriber and friend, Eileen W.:(add what you like if you are not watching calories or fats).

1 Large tomato
1 sm. can Tuna(in spring water)
small rib of Celery
light thousand Island dressing
rye crisp (or crackers)

Chop celery, mix with tuna put as much dressing as you like and mix all together. Cut out center of tomato, and spoon in tuna salad; serve on bed of lettuce.
Good also with onions, chopped olives, or sweet pickle relish (if substituting MiracleWhip) if you want, but since my surgery , onions upset my stomach. I love them so I use a little onion salt;-).
Thanks, Eileen...this sounds great for a light meal!!



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