Building relations with neighbors

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What is a suggestion to keep from being so lonely?

Building relations with neighbors

Ever wonder why you don't have friendly neighbors? Hmmm...Ok, they're/you're new to the area; they're noisy; I don't think I'd like them; they're of a different culture; they have teen-agers; I can't be bothered....say what?? C'mon, it's time to break the ice. If they are new, take them a pie or cake and welcome them to the neighborhood. If they're noisy, strike up a friendly conversation as soon as you can, and 'just-happen-to-mention' how some of the noise disturbs your rest that you need, adding that you bet they weren't even aware of the noise. You say you don't like'd you come to that conclusion if you don't really know them? Get to know them! They're of a different What better way to broaden your knowledge than to make friends with people of other cultures? Don't say you're too old to learn...uh..uh..won't take that excuse; start now to build this relationship. Hmmm...they have teen-agers. Well, now, aren't you lucky! Bake some cookies and share with them. Or give them a good book you think they'd like. My teen-age neighbors are the first to help me unload my groceries from the car. They check on me everytime they don't see me for a day. One put my outdoor grill together for me. Need I say more? If you can't be bothered, you'll remain lonely; you'll never know the wonderful neighbors you have. No one knows how loving and friendly you can be unless you make that first step. Just DO it! GO!



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