Doing laundry

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What should I wash with what??

Doing laundry

Laundry chore? Say, you're not using a scrub board in the wash house, are you? Probably the hardest part of laundry is separating colors. All white (only) should be washed together, with added clorox/bleach. Unless there are silk whites (see below), these could be washed with hot temp. setting/cold rinse. NEVER put colors with whites. Heavy clothing (jeans, khakis, denims) should be washed separately from lighter fabrics (knits, shirts, blouses, night clothing) on warm to cold wash settings/cold rinse. Delicates (silks, sweaters, fine materials) should be washed on cold setting/cold rinse. If using a dryer, dry only as separated above to protect your articles. Sheets, towels could be washed together, but do NOT overload washing machine or dryer; a lighter load is much better.



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