Save time on your house cleaning

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Why do I get so tired when I clean my home/apartment?

Save time on your house cleaning

I never overburden myself with cleaning chores. I have a 3-bedroom home and found myself worn out trying to clean in one day. All cleaning chores are done in the mornings when I am more alert (after a cup of hot tea). I first do my dusting of each room; then vacuum the floors, picking up dust that just settled there. Some areas I vacuum more than once a week; with pets this is a necessity. The rest of my day I spend baking, reading, writing, or whatever. Each day I allow a time for a particular cleaning chore and time for relaxation! If you have full-day plans, double-up on chores the day before.



11/24/2008 9:27:48 AM
james sesay said:

this tip is the most helpful tip ever!!!!!!!!!!!!


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