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Inspirational Resources for Elder Care Groups

The Bible is full of inspirational messages. If you buy a Bible with a concordance you will be able to quickly find passages that relate to the situation at hand. There are several web sites that offer online Bibles where you can search by key words for inspirational passages. One example would be At these sites you can search for Biblical passages pertaining to various topics such as elderly or parents. Another way to go would be the available Bible inspired screen savers. Different pastoral scenes with Biblical passages appear on your monitor. A safe first try can be found at is one of those safe sites for finding free and share ware computer information and programs.

Senior motivational sites are also available. If you use the key words elderly and motivation you can find both general and scientific research into motivational issues that pertain to seniors under varying circumstances.

Several wonderfully inspiring books are also available from any bookstore as well as from faith based stores that sell more than Bibles. There are also monthly magazines that contain daily devotions. Guideposts, is one such daily devotional that is very inexpensive and could be beneficial as an inspirational tool. If you do not want to subscribe to the magazine you can read a daily message of inspiration on line at the following Guidepost web site:


Exercise for independent living seniors

'Keep your chin up' is not just a saying for senior independent living; this can help in our everyday relaxing time. Sit up straight, lean the head back as far as is comfortable. Uh, oh...didja hear those creaks? Feel the 'pull' in the front neck muscle? Then lean the head to one side..hold..then the other side...hold. Continue doing this simple exercise couple times a day, EVERY day. Ease up if soreness develops.


Exercise for independent living seniors

A simple and easy way for independent living seniors to tone the leg muscles is: Lie flat on your back, legs extened straight up with toes pointed(easy does this when beginning, a slight bend if necessary); try to keep your hips, knees and ankles in a straight line. With your toes always pointed, bend first your right knee, and bring your foot as close to your buttock as possible; raise leg to beginning position, then repeat with the left leg (note, the opposite leg should be kept straight in the air, muscle tight). Repeat with both legs four times, then flex the feet and repeat exercies four more times, each leg. Bring legs down and relax before standing. These exercises can be done on a continuing basis for firming and toning your legs.


Security and independent living

Independent living seniors need to see to their security. If it is necessary to put your name on a mail box or in the phone directory (wherever), just use last name and INITIAL ONLY of your first name. 'Tho my husband has been deceased for 4 years, I continue to use HIS and my name in phone book. NEVER add just Mrs. or Mr.


Security and independent living

If you are an independent living senior, you still need to take precautions. When we go for an outing, no matter how long, be sure to turn on a light *inside and out*; we never know when our return may be delayed. Remember to always have our door key ready before approaching the door.


Security and independent living

If you are an independent living senior, never allow a stranger in your home, no matter what the emergency. If asked to use your phone, get the telephone number and offer to make the call yourself, shutting and locking the door to the stranger.

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