Where can I learn about craft making?

Crafts you may want to make

If just learning craft making, keep it simple. Something that you can give as a gift. Small grandchildren love 'sock' dolls, bean bags for hop-scotch (you can add chalk with the gift), sock hand-puppets with sewn mouth, nose, eyes. Don't give small children dolls with buttons that can be pulled off and swallowed.

How to learn craft making

Check with your city/church for any senior activities. Check, also, with your craft supply stores. These often have crafting classes at no cost for seniors. Good way to meet new friends.

Senior Frequently Asked Questions

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Need an ego-boost?

What is a good Crock-Pot dessert?

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Does every retailer give discounts?

Where do I go when I have car trouble?

Can I plant chile peppers in containers?

Can you tell me what might have been good about the ´good-old-days´?

How can I keep my container-garden plants healthy?

Should I take caution with telephone solicitations?

How can I eliminate dust from settling on my venetian blinds?

Where can I find a counselor for my grief?

How can I make an inexpensive Easter wreath.

I´m having a ´blue´ day....can you help?

What is a great carrot recipe?

What is a great Holiday vegetable recipe?

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How can I keep from ´burning´ the edge crust of my pies?

What is a good thermostat setting in wintertime during the day?

How can I sleep ´cozy´ on cold nights?

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What are other simple meals to cook for large groups?

What is an inspiring Irish Prayer?

Should I use my full name on a mailbox or in phonebook?

Is it necessary to leave a light on inside & out while I´m gone?

How can I let my family and friends know ´who I am´?

Is it possible to make my own greeting cards?

Is it important to have my car radiator ´flushed´?

What do I do if the home requires a contract?

What is an unusual food to try when eating out?

What can I do with my old, tin funnels?

How can I decorate a sloped roof for Christmas?

Why am I getting so much smoke from my fireplace?

How can I get gum out of my carpet?

How can I keep shelled nuts fresh?

How can I use sphagnum moss in crafting?

Why is the 12-1 lunch hour so crowded?

Why do I get so tired when I clean my home/apartment?

Should I consider immune shots and neutering/spaying for my pet?

Is it ´bad´ for me to continuously speak of my lost one´s death?

How can I prevent my home´s foundation from cracking?

How can I make my own cranberry sauce?

What is an easy cranberry sauce recipe?

How can I make Christmas poinsettias special for a gravesite?

What is a special Christmas gravesite flower?

How can I relax and learn at the same time?

Should I buy plants for sun or shade exposure?

How can I keep my feet dry on rainy days?

What is a tasty, yet unusual cookie, easy to make?

What is a ´different´ cookie the whole family will enjoy?

What is a good, warm ´toddy´ for cold nights?

How can I make my own spiced apple cider?

My beans or stew is too salty, what can I do?

What is an easy ´punch´ drink to make for entertaining?

Would I really enjoy a ´mystery´ book?

What precautions should I take about engine belts and hoses?

Why do they always want my advice, then don´t heed it?

How can I inspect a prospective nursing home?

Where can I find activity ´day care´ for parent living with us?

How can I make better relationships with my neighbors?

How can I keep from sliding on ice or snow?

Where can I put my winter clothes in summertime?

How can I get tile, floors, cabinets ´squeaky´ clean?

How can I keep celery crisper in my refrigerator?

How can I use my sweet basil herbs?

How can I best grow tomato plants in containers?

How can I best gro green peppers in containers?

How can I get a refreshing scent for my bed linens?

How can I freshen the air in my home?

How can I remove marker/dye staines from my counter tops?

What is a good recipe for a Fruit Salad?

What is a good Citrus Salad Dressing?

What might be an inexpensive, afternoon get-together I can have?

Where can I buy supplies for crafting?

What services are provided by the homes?

What needed supplies are provided by the nursing homes?

What is an easy ´snack´ recipe?

How can I ease the burden of cooking for a large dinner?

How can avoid needing use of more burners than there are on my stove?

What is an easy-care, beautiful plant for hanging baskets?

What is an easy cookie for guests or gifts?

What goes good with hot spiced apple cider?

Can I grow garlic in containers?

How can I grow my own garlic plants?

How can I know if what I´m eating is nutritional?

What is a good cleaning pad for outdoor grills?

How can I avoid my bathroom mirrors from becoming ´foggy´?

How can I save time when preparing a large dinner?

How can I use pressed flowers for easy gift?

Why should I remember birthdays?

What detergent is best for my automatic dishwasher?

How can I get my grandchildren to write to me?

How can I be sure I took my medications for the day?

Should I stay in my home or move to a smaller location?

Where can I find information on caring for my parent in my home?

How can I find out about the cost of my Utilities?

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