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Question 1

Which big-band popularized the song "Tuxedo Junction"?

Benny Goodman
Tommy Dorsey
Glenn Miller
Jimmy Dorsey
Glenn Miller and his Orchestra recorded this big-band classic in 1940. "A band ought to have a sound of its own...a personality", Glenn had said. Well, I say, Glenn Miller and his Orchestra personified his belief!

Question 2

What ´oldie-but-goodie´ song contained the following: " leave the Pennsylvania Station ´bout a quarter to four..."

Sunrise Serenade
Pennsylvania 6-5000
American Patrol
Chatanooga Choo-Choo
" a magazine and then you´re in Baltimore; shovel all the coal in, gotta keep ´em rollin´...wooo, wooo, Chatanooga, there you are!" Glenn Miller introduced Chatanooga Choo-Choo in 1941 in the movie "Sun Valley Serenade". Remember the movie with Sonja Heini and John Payne?

Question 3

What popular singer made the 1952 #1 recording "Wheel Of Fortune"?

Helen O´Connell
Kaye Starr
Margaret Whiting
Kay Ballard
Although other vocalists recorded "Wheel Of Fortune", it was Kaye Starr´s rendition that became so popular. Kaye Starr made her professional debut on a local Dallas radio station (where she grew up); she had short stints with the Glenn Miller and Bob Crosby bands, to name a few. I know you remember her "Come On-A My House"...

Question 4

Which big-band gave Frank Sinatra his ´start´?

Tommy Dorsey
Harry Janes
Jimmy Dorsey
Benny Goodman
´Tho many may think Frank got his start with the Tommy Dorsey band, it was actually Harry James, who had recently started his big-band, that first hired Sinatra as vocalist.

Question 5

What movie contained the passionate love scene in the sand between Burt Lancaster & Deborah Kerr?

On The Beach
Beach Party
From Here To Eternity
Love Letters In The Sand
This 1953 B&W film which won the Oscar´s ´Best Film award (among others) got it..."From Here to Eternity". The love scene on the beach is now mild compared to current movies being made...but back then...ooooeee...scintilating!

Question 6

Which early popular composer wrote "Steppin´ Out With My Baby"?

George Gershwin
Paul Whiteman
Irving Berlin
Jerome Kern
Irving Berlin wrote this song for the film "Easter Parade" in 1941. His first big hit (1911) was "Alexander´s Ragtime Band"; few years later writing "This Is The Army", which earned $10 million that he turned over to our government; "God Bless America" was written in 1938, popularized by singer Kate Smith (the earnings were signed over to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts). So many beautiful songs he wrote in his lifetime; Mr. Berlin died 22 Sept. 1989 at age 101.

Question 7

In what movie did Irving Berlin´s beautiful "White Christmas" first appear?

White Christmas
Holiday Inn
There´s No Business Like Show Business
It´s A Wonderful Life
Most everyone will remember the 1954 movie "White Christmas" starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Ellen...but...did you know that the song "White Christmas" first appeared in the 1943 B&W movie "Holiday Inn"? It also starred Bing Crosby...and Fred Astair.

Question 8

Can you remember who wrote and popularized the song "Georgia On My Mind"?

Bix Beiderbecke
Hoagy Carmichael
Louis (Louie) Armstrong
Johnny Mercer
In 1930, Hoagy Carmichael wrote "Georgia On My Mind", along with "Lazy River" that year. Do you remember his "Ole Buttermilk Sky"? He wrote many other beautiful songs, the most notable being "Stardust"!...ahhhh..."Sometimes I wonder why I spend the lonely nights...dreaming of a song; the melody haunts my reverie...and I am once again with you..." beautiful!!

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