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Question 1

What will retirement age be for U.S. citizens in 2004?

At age 65
At age 66
At age 67
At age 68
At age 66 for full retirement. The 80% benefits remain for age 62. If you are approaching retirement age, get information now as to what your approximate S.S. check will be. Information can be obtained at:

Question 2

When was Medicare signed into law and by what President?

1945 - Harry S. Truman
1962 - JohnF. Kennedy
1965 - Lyndon B. Johnson
1983 - Ronald Reagan
In 1963 L.B.J. signed Medicare into law, in the presence of former President Harry S. Truman who first advocated such legislation in 1945.

Question 3

How does a near-retiree apply for Social Security?

In person at the office of Human Resources.
By telephone at any Human Resources office.
Online at their website
Any of the above
Fortunate for new retirees, they can apply either in person, over the phone, or on the S.S. website. When I retired in 1995, I thought it was wonderful to be able to apply over the phone rather than drive 18 miles to the S.S. office. Some progress is good :o)

Question 4

A minor child, born out of wedlock, is entitled to father´s S.S. benefits.

only if previously claimed as a dependent.
is not entitled to father´s benefits.
is entitled to father´s benefits.
only if parent was named on birth certificate.
The minor child is entitled to full benefits of the father, with legal proof, even though parents were never married. The ´legal proof´ is very important in this instance.

Question 5

What type of benefits are availabe under the Canadian Pension Plan?

disability benefits
retirement pension
survivor benefits
all of the above
If a Canadian citizen, the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) provides all these benefits to their labor force.

Question 6

At what age are retirees able to collect benefits under the Canadian Pension Plan?

age 62-65 for reduced benefits - age 66 for full benefits
age 60-65 for reduced benefits - age 65 for full benefits.
age 65 for full benefits - no reduced benefits available
age 66 for full benefits - no reduced benefits available
Canadians are eligable to receive partial benefits at retirement age of 60 to 65, or full benefits at age 65.

Question 7

At what age can a U.S. retiree convert to Medicare Insurance?

anyone 62 years of age on early retirement
a State employee eligable to retire at age 55
at 65 years of age or older and a citizen or perminent resident of U. S.
anyone reaching 65 years or older.
For a retiree to be eligable for Medicare, they must be 65 years of age or older and be a citizen or a perminent resident of the United States. For more information on Medicare, go to their site:

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