Exercise for independent living seniors

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What are the benefits of exercise for senior health?

Exercise for independent living seniors

I can't believe I'm talking about this, but WHY NOT! Have you noticed your stomach getting bigger? Even if you are an independent living senior, are you less sexually active now? Think about this: there really is a lot of stomach muscles used when we are sexually active, so it stands to reason that lessening this activity would weaken our stomach muscles! Soooo, IF you are no longer sexually active, get on with exercise to strengthen our stomach muscles. Of course, a good exercise would be sit-ups, but careful with not straining your back; hook your feet under a chair or dresser, or bend your knees up, when doing sit ups. An easier exercise would be when sitting: suck-in your tummy as tight as you can, hold to count of ten, relax then repeat ten times (to start). Do this two or three times a day, every day (but lessen up if you feel sciatica back pain). As you do this, mentally pull up the bladder. If you keep this exercise going daily, you'll be strengthening both the stomach AND bladder. DON"T LET UP! It takes weeks to get those muscles in better shape!



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