Senior Citizen Cruises

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Senior Citizen Cruises

If you have an opportunity to go on a senior cruise, or any cruise for that matter, TAKE IT! I've been on two Caribbean cruises and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Assets: no need to change 'hotel/motel rooms', wonderful (and plenty) selections of foods (often 6-offerings a day!), great senior travel 'side-trips' offered (as extras) when in ports, great entertainment aboard (from night-club acts, dancing, table-tennis, sunning/swimming, golf, to relaxing and reading.

Liabilities: huh! the only thing I can think of is there is toooo much food (if you're watching your weight), but that can be overcome by walking the deck or taking the stairs instead of the elevator! Remember to set aside money to give the dining-room waiters and room-steward. This can be done in a one-time tip (in envelope) at the end of the cruise. Have fun! And remember to go top-side when leaving port.

OH! two more things - (1) if you can afford the extra $100 or so, get the outside-cabin (away from the engine room - look for the 'stack' on the ships schematic) with a port-hole...wonderful, wonderful! (2) if you think you might get sea-sick, obtain one of those patches to put behind your ear BEFORE you go on board...I've heard they don't work so well after-the-fact! Be prepared!!



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