German Potato Pancakes

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What is a good recipe for a brunch?

German Potato Pancakes

Good anytime, but would go wonderful with the 'sausage brunch' recipe I have in another recipe tip.


2 eggs, beaten
1 small onion, grated
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg
6 medium potatos (approx. 2 lbs.) peeled
2 Tblsp. flour
1/4 cup oil.

Combine in a large bowl: eggs, onion, salt, pepper and nutmeg; mix well. Shred potatoes, pat dry with paper towels and immediately combine with egg mixture (this prevents discoloration). Sprinkle in the flour and mix well. Heat oil in a 10" skillet over medium heat. Drop mixture by heaping spoonfuls into the oil. Cook first side until crisp and golden brown (about 5 mins.), then turn and cook about 5 more minutes. Serve with applesauce as a side and sour cream for 'dollop'.
For a variety, add 1 heaping spoonful of horseradish to the applesauce.



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