Trying something different

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Are there specialty places where I can buy unusual foods?

Trying something different

Thai foods - Have you tried a Thai Restaurant? If you like Chinese foods, you'll love Thai!! And much healthier preparations (if not Americanized). My favorite dishes are Pad Thai (chicken or shrimp), with vermicelli rice noodles/peanut sauce/green onion/some egg; Spicy Beef with rice (side), Asian basil, onion, special sauce; Tom Kah Gai soup with chicken/straw mushrooms/coconut milk/cilantro/lemon grass/galanga (spice root similar to ginger - you don't eat the last two, but I love to chew on them); Spring Rolls either plain or deep fried (much, much better than egg rolls!) The soup is...."heavenly"!!
NOTE: Thai foods are very ~hot~, spicy~hot~! Use of Phrik Lueng (hottest chilli around) is abundant, so when ordering be sure and state "medium" or "mild", then request a 'side' of the chilli to add if you want. I order medium with side, and I have a tollerance for 'hot' foods. Thai 'hot' is not the same as American 'hot'!!! Oooooweeee...I learned right off!



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