Savings in newspaper coupons

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Are there coupon savings other than for groceries?

Savings in newspaper coupons

If you don't now get the Sunday newspaper, you are missing out on great coupon offers. If you live in a small town, and just get the local newspaper without coupons, check the closest large city to you for their newspaper subscriptions; you can subscribe to weekends only. Be sure they DO have the coupon sections. The savings you get from the coupons, will more than pay for the subscription cost. Cut out only the coupons you might use, and file in an obvious place so you'll remember to use them; an envelope close to your grocery list! Watch for expiration date, and toss those old one. Usually the Wednesday paper will have the 'sales' pamphlets from various grocers, check these for good buys; the prices are good for one week in most cases.



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